(BLOGGERS PICK) Cinders Game Review and Developer Interview 3

Decisions Decisions

As the title said, how the game unfolds depends on your decisions. You will be faced with many instances where Cinders morals are tested. It will also affect how the characters grow, act, and react towards Cinders and situations that happen to them, so in a way, it’s not all about Cinders.

The game does have numerous outcomes so replaying the game again and again would probably show you different things if you choose another path for Cinders on your next playthrough. I mean just look at these numbers! so much possibilities how the story would go! (I got this from their official website)

  • Cinders script is 436 pages long
  • contains 155k words
  • separated into 135 scenes
  • holding 829 scenarios
  • featuring 120 player choices
  • with around 300 options to pick
  • altering 50 profile variables
  • which fork the story in 254 places

Is that a lot? Yes, yes, it is. I’m actually really impressed. This game has more branches/forks than the other visual games I’ve ever played, hands down.

Cinders in the middle and her two stepsisters (Sophia on the left, Gloria on the right). I can’t stop looking at Gloria’s umm bountiful future. Admit it, you probably stared too!

Well Developed Characters and Character Progressions

I must say, I love the characters progressions in the game. Depending on the choices you’ve made, you get to really understand why each character ended up the way they did. Heck you may even feel sympathetic towards the characters you probably wanted to pimp slap in the beginning. Again though, whether or not the story will show you certain scenarios/sides of the characters will depend on what decisions you choose. I find this enjoyable because when I played the game again, I didn’t know what new things I would see and learn.

Another interesting character. You can pretty much tell you don’t want to mess with her. Is she Good? is she Evil? Maybe you should try to find out *shameless hinting*