(BLOGGERS PICK) Cinders Game Review and Developer Interview 2

Yes yes, after playing for so long how could I not know, but that’s because after playing the game for quite a while, I never noticed the eyes move before so I was really sure that the only animation the characters had were facial expression and moving mouth. The movement of the eyes were too subtle for me to notice. Let this poor embarrassed girl make excuses to make herself feel better since I did foolishly scared myself. Plus It reminded me of those creepy old pictures where the eyes move as you walked past them (like in horror movies or one of those attractions in theme parks). Of course that’s just me, others find the moving eyeballs cool (shiver).

Carmosa the step mother! dun dun dun!!! She was staring at me as her eyebrow does a Dwayne The Rock Johnsons infamous eyebrow raise combined with a facial expression of having doo doo under her nose.

Music and Detail to Sound

Oh man, the game really has great music that indeed suits the different scenarios of the game. It enhances the emotional impact on some of the scenarios. I also noticed the detail in background noise. For example When I visited the bar, I was greeted with the sound of moving objects, murmuring conversations, and clattering plates. At night time, I was surrounded by the mating melodies of crickets trying to get lucky, and while on a morning stroll, I was accompanied by the chirping of birds by the lake. Honestly, I know I keep repeating myself but this really is the most detailed visual novel I’ve ever played. Although this one lacks voice overs that many visual novels have, Cinders makes it up by detail in sound.  Some may think it’s not a big deal, but little details like this create a strong foundation for games in this genre. Having said that, for me, their attention to detail sets them up a level from most visual novels if I compare Cinders as a whole package with others from the same genre, so I really gotta give kudos to the devs.